Unlock iCloud , Bypass iCloud ID & Disable and Block OTA updates on iOs

Hello all friends ! here method that i’m happy to share with all friends about how unlock iCloud / Bypass iCloud ID/ or Solve all iphone and all series all versions & all any iOS with 3 steps that you can try to test with my Tutorials.

Step 1 Boot file checkra to USB or SD card that you have .
Boot file to USB

Step 2 Reboot PC to boot optin and Select USB Hard Drive then Enter!
* Void live login: anon
*Password: voidlinux
*[anon void-live-1$]: checkra1n
important step here please watch full
your iPhone must turn on and connect to PC
Press Start Option & Keep press and hold home & power key and then release power but still keep home untill alert that successe ..

Now Reboot your PC to Normal PC Window
Step 3 Open “FRPFILE iCloud Bypass tool v2.3”
and start bypass Icloud ..

iCloud Bypass

Please watchful Video real method please don’t skip..

Download Links File iCoud Bypass @ Pass

SEE apple patcher tool
Disable and Block OTA updates on iOs
>> Here method How to Disable and Block OTA updates on iOs Very easy and fast .
Go to Safari download > ( bit.ly/disableOtaUpdate) and click Allow
>And go to setting > general > profile > install > restart done
Your iPhone Real Disabled software update
Note: Please Done Reset / Factory or Restoring new Sofware..
Here video method please watch and follow ..

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