Unbelievable , People Trapped in the Wrong Body

19-year-old of Indian woman trapped inside a 2-year-old
Girija Srinivas , also known is an Indian woman , nowaday she live with an extreme case of unfortunately cause she never physically developed past two year old . This Indian woman , she cannot do anything by her own , even if, taking up a cup of tea . She seems lost a hope , because Girija has not yet given up her hope . She seems so likely , at artistically and her dreams in her life becoming a famous painter , and She is artistically inclined.Credit
In a 10-year-old’s body Teenager born without hormones trapped
Poppy network, Jones has a rare condition called panhypopituitarism which means she was bornwithout hormones. This means that, Poppy, now 17, still trapped in the body of her 10-year-old and the other teenage girls go through puberty. While her friends are interested boys and makeup, the pope still enjoys playing with toys and dolls. She is currently receiving treatment, which she hopes will help her and her friends.Credit1 , Credit2

Unable to Believe Man discovers he’s really a woman at age 66

One man, 66, was visiting the hospital with abdominal swelling when he was notified with some unusual swelling turned into ovarian cyst. He found he was a biologically a woman and there is a combination of the disease extremely rare genetic two – the symptoms of Turner’s, which causes women to develop not complete and the enlargement of the thyroid gland Adrenal from birth that causes the diversity of sex hormones of both men and women. Patients with a beard and a small penis, decided that he will continue to be identified as a man. Credit
Really Amazing for a 42-year-old man trapped in 14-year-old body refused hormone treatments
You way look at Mario Bosco also suffers from panhypopituitarism but he told he was happy the way he is. 4’10 “, a male, 42-year-old still looks like he is 14 and has been using it for the benefit of him. He’s the actor and son standing in for movies and many television shows, and even wrote a book called ‘From hopeless to Hollywood.” Mario said he was given treatment with hormoneto assist him in the development but refused them because he thought they could adversely affect his career.(Credit )

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