Top 5 well-known actors who got a start with soaps

Soap operas are one kind of classic drama which was very popular in the past. There were more than 30 million viewers watched that day and it remains the highest rated soap episode in television history. Even though, it is not so favored by the people of new generation especially teen, it is still exciting. It serves as the stage for the stars to start shining their actor or actress life. Here are the top 5 well-known actors who got a start with soaps.

Demi Moore

Demil Moore was obviously began her start on general Hospital and arrived in Port Charles and that was just a year after the famous drama Luke and Laura wedding. Between 1982 to 1983, she was the main character to play Jackie Templeton. The bottom line of the story was that Jackie was in search of her sister in the town. Her sister was Luke and Laura who had gone missing that year. She is absolutely beautiful and charming actress. Here is one of her photo taken while she was staring in the soap.

Sarah michelle gellar

Back in 1993, Sara Michelle Gellar got a break through with one of the drama that she performed for. All My Children is the name of that amazing drama in which she played as Kendall Hart and Diva Susan Lucci played as the personal assistant to Erica Kane. but actually Kendall was Kane’s daughter! Rumor has broken out after Gellar won an Emmy for her role, Lucci had her fired. Look at one of her photo, what do you think about that girl? Is she beautiful and talented enough to deserve her reputation? Ok, you can express you thought by leaving your comment in the box below.

Meg Ryan

Well, right now I am going to introduce all of you to another world famous actor who first started her acting career with soap opera. She is Meg Ryan. Back in 1982 to 1984, she played as Betsy Stewart. And the theme of the story was that Betsy was involved in what is called love triangle between the one she loved and the one she got married and experienced. Because of this dram she got her start on As the World Turns. How would you deal with this love triangle if you were Betsy? Please leave your comments in the box below so that we can know how you cope with such circumstance.

Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei ( Marcy Thompson) at a lavish 'Cinderella Ball' costume ball. Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson performed at the event. 1984. Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

You may find it hard to believe Marisa Tomei was once on a soap opera but the My Cousin Vinny actress is another alumna of As the World Turns. From 1983 to 1985, she played as Marcy Thompson Cushing. She was playing in this fantastic drama whose the bottom line was that she got married with a real prince and later on they both moved to England to become Lady Cushing. It seemed that Downton Abbey should be giving Miss Tomei a call. Look at one of her photograph above. Soap was her stepping stone escalating her to her present success and fame.

Julianne Moore

Now I am going to show you another famous star whose fame also began with the soap. Her name is Julianne Moore who played half-sisters (that’s right, she played two characters) Frannie and S4abrina Hughes on As the World Turns between 1985 to 1988. The bottom line of the story was that Frannie was deeply in love with some strange widower and, just as she was about to go down to the aisle and get married with the guy, soon she realized he was… wait for it… a stalker and a murderer. Don’t you hate it when that happens?