Top 5 gay men who get married with women

When you are living in the continuous spotlight, there are times you have to do something to keep up appearances then your fans keep on adoring you and purchase your products. This can possibly mean hiding the fact that you smoke or that you were in rehab and on the other it could also mean that you were pretending not to have countless affairs when you did. And sadly, it is not always be easy to pretend to be someone else while you are not. Here are the top 5 Hollywood gay men who decided to get married with men in order to keep their career goes smoothly.



One of the most famous musical composers in American history comes to Cole Porter. He is well-known for his Broadway hits Anything Goes and Silk Stockings. But it is also a bit amusing that he was a gay even he has gotten married with a girl Linda Lee Thomas. His wife died over 34 years after their marriage. After her death, Porter continued to have many relationships with men. We’ll never actually realize if Porter was truly bisexual or if his marriage was just done to cover his homosexuality. I simply mean that he and his wife didn’t have even a child even though they were married for over 30 years.


Sometimes, it is shifting to think about how long Elton John has been in the music business. He first appeared in the scene in the 1960s and has sold one of the largest records which were over 300 million over the years. Even though Elton has never actually been out of his way to hide the fact he was gay, he has also never felt any comfortable coming out of the closet. He finally got engaged to Linda Woodrow who was his secretary. Unluckily the marriage came to an end due to the fact that he was a gay. Later one he got married with another German woman Renate Blauel who was the sound engineer. But the public soon realized that this marriage is just done to hide the fact that that he was a homosexuality. Finally John accepted that fact and got married with his husband and lived happily with two sons.


I am sure that you will be very amazed when hearing the story of Little Richard. He is one of the most famous and talented musician. It is not surprising that most people has assumed that he was a gay because none of the people including the music industry at large and his thousands of loyal fans. They just enjoyed his music. But I guess you will be really shocked when hearing that he got married to a woman whose name was Ernestine Campbell for four whole years. He was back in his career again in 1995 and like he used to be no one cared him they just enjoy his music.


Alan Cumming is a very impressive Scottish-American actor who has always been very famous and brave as dare to play sexually ambiguous roles. He can both act as male and female equally well. He has also been assumed as a gay but he got married to Hilary Lyon for over 8 years but sadly their marriage finally came to an end in 1993. % years after that he came a bisexual person He has since been known to have an affair with actress Saffron Burrows and eventually married his husband Grant Shaffer. Now it is time to let us know about these gay men. Please leave your comments in the box below.


Richard Cromwell was one of the most handsome American actors who shot to fame in old films like Jezebel with Bette Davis and Young Mr. Lincoln with Henry Fonda. Presently, those in the know back then always has assumed Cromwell as a gay since he likes to work at a company which has a lot of gentlemen. And this is something surprising to the people but what does shocked them the most is that he got married with an actress Angela Lansbury for one whole year when she was only 19 and he was 35. Unluckily, the both soon realized that their marriage was a mistake .

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