Top 5 Celebs with Their Beauty Secrets

Everyone want to look beautiful and handsome especially the celebrities. You may say why most of the celebrities are beautiful. Are they beautiful from birth? The answer is yes some are while many others are not. As they have to travel to many places around the world to perform of promote their movies or songs. Then looking beautiful is crucially important. And it is not always be easy, they have to spend more time and money even pain to get it. Here are the top 5 celebs with their beauty secrets.
                                #1  Mila Kunis reg_1024.mila_.ls_.3613-001

On the most stressful and difficult that must be gotten rid of is to always look beautiful and this is Mila Kunis’s case. She has been very busy and possibly dare to do everything to make her look charming. The most interesting thing is that she is not only in the A – List of the celeb but she has also gotten married with one of the most sexy and handsome actors in the world Ashton Kutcher. And, since he left his ex-wife you know that you could be next. You may curious about how Mila Kunis makes herself charming. Well, it is somehow simple. She tame any flyaway hair which by spraying a bit of hairspray on a hairbrush before brushing. So simple and does the trick.

                           #2 DEMI MOORE

Celebrities are known to do many strange and wacky things in order to rid their body of toxins that will make them look younger far than their age prematurely. Presently, you can’t find any celeb without going through beauty surgery or body modification at least tried juicing once. But Demi has her respective way to get rid of toxins and it is possibly look disgusting or scary to you. She can even travel to the horizon to get the leeches she needs. She places those disgusting leeches all over her body to let them sucked out the toxins.

​​​​​​​​​​                      #3 Goddess Jenna Dewan


As some celebs have been trying to tame flyaway hair, some others are in an effort to give their hair a little extra body, like Goddess Jenna Dewan. How does she do to give her hair just that excellent amount of loose curls and waves? She uses of a couple of bobby pins to add a bit of curl and wave to thinly damp her hair. The most exciting thing about this secret is that you can do it yourself in just a few minutes and have complete control of how much curl you get.

#4 Laura Mercier &

Everyone is doubted how makeup artists give their celebrity clients that perfect sun-kissed glow that looks so natural but is completely manufactured? What are the secret of magic she has? They use two different colors of blush instead of one. A darker one is applied to the apples of the cheeks and then a lighter shade is swept across the whole cheek area. This is the magic she has and I am sure you will be able to do that for yourself. Have a try now to look sexy and beautiful with Laura Mercier’s beauty secret. Please let us know how think about these beauty’s secret from those celebs.

007 &

Lindsey is one of the celebrities but the thing is that she not famed for her beauty secret but sadly it is all about the problems with substance abuse and the law she is facing. And trying the best effort the way she is and it is hard enough without having a pimple of top of everything else. So what is she going to deal with this? Dab a tinny Greek yogurt on the pimple and keep it there for around 20 minutes, then clean it off with warm water. Even though the pimple won’t be totally gone, there will be less redness and inflammation as a result it is hard to notice of having pimple.

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