Top 5 Celebs Having Shocking Preups

Marriage is one of the most important things in our life. Everyone is wishing for that day to come and is their happiest day ever. And getting divorced is the most difficult and painful thing. Most people don’t want to have such day to come into their. But in Holywood, marriages and divorces are not that cut and dry, there are rarely many clean and easy breaks. They get married just to make more and more money.

  Khloe and lamar odom

Well, I guess you are sitting down, don’t you? Khloe K’s prenup entitles her to… looking for it… $500,000 annually she and Lamar are married. But wait a minute , I still have a lot more to tell you, she also gets their house, a brand new car at the end of every lease term, oh, and It is still not enough for her even that means she wants to have more money than the GOD does. You know what? She pays $6000 a month for shopping and “beauty upkeep” and another $25,000 every month for support. What’s the hell is that?

Jessica simpson and tony romo

Now you are about to hear another exciting news from another celebrity Jessica simpson and tony romo. Alright, so these two have never done something that makes it down the aisle but it doesn’t mean that they didn’t try to make an outrageous shocking prenup just in case promises were exchanged. Obviously, Romo recieved some inspiration from his buddies to put in a “porker clause” in the prenup if Jessica ever gained weight. The clause says that should Jessica ever go above 135 pounds, Tony would receive $500,000 for every single pound over she gained. Amazing!!!!!!!!!

Beyoncé and jay z

How were you feeling and where were you when you eventually heard that Beyonce gave birth to Little Blue Ivy? Of course, we all must be very thrilled for this breaking new. This is just how we feel how about Beyoncé herself? We are sure that she must be extremely thrilled. But this is not because becoming a new mother is thrilling, the actual thing is because in her and Jay Z’s pren-up it is stated that the Queen B receives an amazing $5 million with every single child she bears, she also receives another tinny $1 million every year as the couple is married should they get divorced. What does Jay Z get? He gets to sleep with Beyoncé. This must be amazing!!!

Rosanne Barr and Tom Arnold

Now you are about to hear one of the painful story of the celebrities Rosanne barr and Tom Arnold. Are you ready? Ok, you must think it is painful for Tom and Roseanne because of their preup was too shocking but in fact it is not the root cause. There was no preup at all for them. Obviously, Roseanne was totally in love head over heels with the chubby comedienne she has even fired her own lawyer who suggested her to have a prenup. As it stated in the business, their unexpected divorce and the truth that Tom walked away with…. Please have a sit for this reveal… $50 million.

Keith urban and nicole kidman

Now let’s move on to another shocking preup story from Keith urban and nicole kidman. I guess you must be curious of is happening with these two celebrities. Well, it is sometimes very hard to understand some of the preups of the celebrities. For instance, when you’re both wealthy and well-known, how it comes to be that one guy has to shell out cash to the other? Why not just have a prenup that says my sh*t is mine and yours is yours and we keep it that way? So Urban will get $640,000 for every year the couple has been married, as long as he uses drugs. That was a smart sentence.
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