Top 5 celebrities who are fighting with their skin cancer

We are all aware that walking under the sun without fist applying SPF of at least 15 or we will risk facing skin cancer. Even we all have heard many times about this but we seem does care about this. How many of us wear a big floppy hat whenever we are outdoor? And yet, even though we know that staying under the sun for many hour and times can lead to skin cancer, we repeatedly ignore the warnings. Here are the top 5 celebrities who are battling with their skin cancer.

​​​​ ​​​​​​​​Diane Keaton

Actress Diane Keaton arrives at "A Night Of Hope" presented by L'Oreal Paris in celebration with Harper's Bazaar to benefit The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund at Murano on November 7, 2007 in Los Angeles, California. L'Oreal Paris Presents A Night of Hope with Harper's Bazaar to Benefit OCRF Murano Los Angeles, California United States November 7, 2007 Photo by Gregg DeGuire/ To license this image (15111205), contact

What is surprising is that Diane Keaton was diagnosed with skin cancer since she was very young. She realized that she has skin cancer when she was just only 21 years old. Basal cell carcinoma had been diagnosed with Diane Keaton. She said that when she was young she never wore any big floppy hats and she always tanned her skin. She also had an operation to remove her squamous cell tumor her face, which left a tiny scar. Look at her one of her photos. After seeing this, no matter you are young or old always be careful when you are out under the sun.

                          Hugh Jackman

Did you notice Hugh Jackman who was wearing a bandage on his nose to the premiere of his movie X-Men Days of Future Past last year? Did you know why? Well, the reason is that he had his skin cancer treatment on his face. He had his skin cancer treatment back in 2013 and it was not the end of the treatment, there still more time to undergo. And his third skin treatment was in October of last year for basal cell carcinoma. Look at the photograph of Hugh Jackman, what do you see on his nose?

James Rebhorn

James Rebborn was another talented character actor well known possibly for his current role as Claire Dane’s father on the popular TV show “Homeland.” And he is also the one that has been diagnosed with skin cancer. He was first diagnosed back in 1992. Rebhorn has recently lost his lengthy battle with melanoma, which is the one of the bloodiest form of skin cancer. Look at one of the photographs. We still can see a lot of red little spots all over his face.

Michelle Monaghan

Michelle Monaghan is another celeb to be diagnosed to have skin cancer. Recently, this beautiful actress has starred in True Detective. She is very grateful and thankful to her husband who has encouraged her to get a suspicious-looking mole on the back of her calf checked out back in 2011. Sadly, the mole turned out to be cancerous. She would have not known this if her husband had not told her. This is one of her photographs. What do you think about this girl?

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper was another famous celeb who was following the president of the United of America, Obama in 2008 to start his campaign trail. Eventually, he felt something strange under his left eye and this could be a symptom of cancer. Then he went to the doctor and sadly Anderson was told that he had skin cancer from sun damage which occurred more on the left side of the face because UV rays penetrate car windows while he was driving. Wow, this must be interesting because even we are in a car we still suffer from the skin cancer.


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