Top 5 Celebrities Having The Ugliest Feet

Perfection doesn’t exist in the human’s life. We tend to think in a different way. We are all convinced that all the celebrities are perfect in terms of their beauty but in fact they are but they just have trick to hide their imperfection. I am about to reveal all of you 5 celebrities who have the ugliest feet you have never even thought of but it does exist. What you are about to see may surprise you, shock you…. it may even revolt you.

Julianne moore

Has anyone seen my pinky? Ok, we’ve all seen it therefore please place it away. Does Mz. Moore not have a stylist? Did nobody offer her area unit smart once over before she left for no matter event she was attending and say, “Hey, Moore, choose the new shoes before you frighten young children and animals.” She’s lucky a bird didn’t swoop down and check out to form off together with her toe.

Susan boyle

The next celebrity who is having the most horrible feet to come is Susan Boyle. Look at the photo graph of her. I am sure that you will possibly vomit or scared of. We certainly don’t really want to be under the covers with those talons. But we would be better if we invite Susan along on all of our camping trips because if we didn’t have of forgot to bring the can opener, she could easily open the cans of beans and coffee with her long and strong toe nails. Badly though, What the Fuc**k? Britain might have great talent but don’t they have nail clippers or shears?

Kim K

Wow, sausage feet, look at you what are you doing? Well, so granted, Kim K looks like a woman who is 12 months pregnant in this photo. But she is not; the fact is that is putting on weight. Hey we can only see this happening during gestation. But here’s the reason, when you are popular only for two things which are consisting of a sex tape and fashion, it is your feet. Take responsibility to know when you are putting on weight. Girl, your feet are fat and look a bit ridiculous in those shoes. Do you know this? Well, how do you feel now after seeing this celeb with her feet?


Posh is another celeb that I am about to show you. And I guess you be shocked when seeing this but this is the truth. Well, are you ready? To be honest, you will vomit a little if you are eating something and seeing this photograph. She is very famous for setting fashion trends so how does she not know how ugly her feet are? Badly – It is very hard for us to accept. If we have to wear sweaters in hot weather season to hide our big arms, we are expecting you to cover up those ugly feet too.

Steven tyler

This just I am not right. It isn’t right. Blue nail polish is not the things we are talking about. Can you guess who he is? Well, he’s Steven Tyler and he is going to wear blue nail polish if he feels like it. No, we’re talking about the continual cramp his feet seem to be in. Is it from rock-and-roll that made it look this way? Moving and jumping around stage like a crazy guy gave you permanent cramps. Well, first….thank you for keeping us entertained us all of these years, and second… please go throw some bottles on.



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