Top 5 Celebrities Having the Most Embarrassing Acne

Most people at large have problems with their own look. whether or not it’s carrying around a couple of further pounds, developing a bald spot, or developing a bald spot whereas carrying around a couple of further pounds, it’s not easy to feel fine concerning yourself once magazines area unit continuously showing us pictures of celebrities who are the epitome of unflawed. However what we want to invariably bear in mind is that perfection doesn’t exist and even celebrities have flaws. They even have makeup, lighting and Photoshop to cover those flaws. If you’ve got adult skin condition rejoice, you’re not alone. Here are 15 celebrities who also suffer from acne.

                                      Cameron diaz

In Cameron’s book “The Body Book,” she talks frankly regarding her acne problem on her facial skin condition inflammatory disease problem, and says she has constantly had “horrible, frightful skin.” within the book she describes what it had been like fighting facial acne her whole life and the way she deals with it as associate adult. It couldn’t are simple being associate A-lister and sex symbol realizing you had to continuously hide and hope know one acknowledged your secret.


Look at one of the photos of Beyoncé and you won’t believe it. When we consider perfect beauty one of the primary celebrities that involves mind is that the Queen B herself. However even this pop Diva has skin problems. Back in 2013 untouched photos from Bey’s 2013 L’oreal campaign leaked and also the web went crazy talking regarding her skin. See for yourself, she’s got pimples and her skin doesn’t have that glow we’re used to. Actually she simply quite looks… old and tired.

                 Naya Rivera

You keep in mind Naya from the hit television program “Glee” wherever she acted attractive cheerleader Santana Lopez. Naya hid the actual fact she had facial acne and endowed lots of time and cash into her skin problems. She later became a voice for Proactive and shared her experiences with fans, “It variety of simply came out of obscurity. It absolutely was like adult skin disorder, and that what I was like, I’ve had nice skin my entire life. However am I dealing this present at 24?”


Lorde is one cool stylish. Not solely is she an implausible singer who creates some moving and catchy songs, she is about to only be real. Lorde has fought with her facial acne, however there are many other ladies on this list; she isn’t shamed of her flaws. In fact, she once shared two pictures of herself performing: one is Photoshopped and he or she has unflawed skin, the opposite image is taken on a similar day in daylight, while not writing, and shows all of her flaws. Lorde has said to her fans, “remember, flaws are alright.”
Julianne Hough &

We didn’t even acknowledge Julianne once we first saw this photograph of her. It’s arduous to imagine this terribly pretty player, dancer and singer had such skin issues. She has admitted publically that accepting adult facial acne was a ugly experience. As she became even more best-known and widespread, she felt she had to cover her facial acne even more. “You attempt to tell yourself that you’re fine and it’s all sensible — and you actually ought to be fine — however it undoubtedly affects you,” she shares. “You wish to try and do what you’ll be able to do whatever you’re feeling great.”

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