Top 10 Segway fails of all Time

Do you like rollerblading? If you do, then I would like to introduce and electronic scooter which is known as Segway. It is a two-wheel vehicle that basically self-balancing and it is power by the battery attached between the two wheels. But remember it is not easy to ride it; you will fall any minute if you don’t know how to control and operate it. Here are the amusing 15 Segway fails of all time. I am sure that you will be laughing when seeing the photos down below. Have you changed your mind of seeing this?

Hilarious Segway Fails01
Hilarious Segway Fails02
Hilarious Segway Fails03
Hilarious Segway Fails04
Hilarious Segway Fails05
Hilarious Segway Fails07Hilarious Segway Fails08

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