Top 10 Scariest 3D painting in the Streets Around the World

Do you know any magic? What makes magic very impressive and interesting for the people? It is very easy to answer. It is because of the magician can change something into another unbelievable thing in a minute. But that is not real; it is just their great talent to perform their smart tricks. But for the artists, it is real. As you can see in the following pictures the street are drawn and painted with scary 3D images. And what really interesting is the passenger in the street dare not to walk across those images because they look real. Here are the ten most impressive 3D paintings in the streets.

More Info:
#1 – Sidewalk Art Dungeon
Sidewalk-Art-Dungeon_01#2-Sidewalk Art Numbers
Sidewalk-Art-Numbers_02#3-Sidewalk Art Frog
Sidewalk-Art-Frog_03#4-Sidewalk Art Golfer
Sidewalk-Art-Golfer-600x400_(004)#5-Sidewalk Art Swimming Pool
Sidewalk-Art-Swimming-Pool_-05#6-Sidewalk Art Ryu
Sidewalk-Art-Ryu_06#7-Most Creative 3D Sidewalk Art
#8-Sidewalk Art Seal
#9-Sidewalk Art Beer

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