Top 10 Most Impressive Animal Migration

Migration is a general term that can be used to describe the movement of living thing from one place to another for a particular purpose. People migrate to find a better life in another country or to escape from war. Animals are migrating for long distances in search for the new habitat that can give them enough food to eat. There are some reasons that animals, fishes, birds and insects migrate such as climate change, habitats destruction, reproductions, lacking of foods. Animal migration is considered as one of the most fascinating sights to see. Here are top ten most impressive photos of massive animal migration.

10 – Wildebeests

09 – White Eared Cobs
White-Eared-Cobs-09White Eared Cobs

08– Monarch Butterflies
Monarch-Butterflies-08Monarch Butterflies

07– Pronghorns

06 – Zebras

05 – Snow Geeses
Snow-Geese-05Snow Geese

04 – White Pelicans
White-Pelicans-4White Pelicans

03 – Walruses

02 – Gentoo Penguins
Gentoo-Penguins-02Gentoo Penguins

01 – Free-tailed Bats
Free-tailed-Bats-01Free-tailed Bats

All photos Source © National Geographic

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