The most well-known Tomato Sandwich Recipe

If you were a little bit embarrassing in middle school, I would bet ten art books you identified with Harriet the Spy. Even before Michelle Trachtenberg and Rosie O’Donnell appeared on the large screen, Harriet was the idol for all of us slightly strange ducks. She had a nerdy good friend! She has a playground “pretty girl” enemy! And… she has unusual tastes. Her mom cannot make her stop eating tomato sandwiches for lunch; Harriet says not to even the idea of an alternative sandwich. And when I was a kid, I wasn’t all that into raw tomatoes, I can say without a hesitation that tomato sandwiches are the bomb.
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obsev-food-recipe-harriet-the-spy-tomato-sandwich-cover_00198(Photo: OBSEV)
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