The Incredible table “KOTASU”

Alright, they have done it again! The Japanese have created something else that will totally change the way in which we live our lives. This time, it’s not a part of interesting technology, or even some type of computer software.

It’s something very simple — but so completely genius — that you will not understand why you did not come up with it yourself. It’s known as a “kotatsu,” and it’s fundamentally a low table that will help you keep warm. It sounds strange, but you will understand it when you see how it works. The folks at Belle Maison are geniuses.

More info (h/t: aplus, demilked Via boredpanda )
kotatsu-japanese-heating-bed-table_01Image Sources: Belle Maison
kotatsu-japanese-heating-bed-table_002Image Sources: Belle Maison
kotatsu-japanese-heating-bed-table_003Image Source: Matthew McVickar / Sjschen
kotatsu-japanese-heating-bed-table_004Image Sources: Belle Maison
kotatsu-japanese-heating-bed-table_0029 credits: Belle Maisonkotatsu-japanese-heating-bed-table_11Image Sources: Hamamatsu Kamera Tsuushin

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