The Incredible Bikini Ever invented

A new swimsuit fabric has been invented by the University of California Riverside which will be able to absorbs up to 25 times its own weight in pollutants while repelling water. The material is carefully extracted from heated sucrose, and based on what one of its engineers; the “sponge” is “an excellent material which is harmless but friendly to the environment and it is very cost effective to be produced.” The amazing thing about this bikini is that it is super safe for you to wear since the pollutants can never touch your skin, as the material used in this bikini can effectively all trapped the pollutants in the pores of the swimsuit. Beside the bikini, the creators strongly believe that the material can be used in many ways like making wet suits, one-pieces and it is even more exciting thing is that it is recyclable. More Reading
Photo Credit: Eray Carbajo

{via Cosmo UK]

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