Surviving zombie apocalypse using 7 practical steps

Since we were born, we have come across several legends and the most popular and horrifying of them all has been the tales related to Zombie. Let us first know some basic information regarding the zombies. They are creatures, previously human beings who have been infected by some sort of germs and later they are turned into such creatures that cannot be killed even if they are shot down or run over by a vehicle. Even if they are unable to get food for some times, they do not die since their brains are not as active as the human beings are. According to the folklores, zombies are not human beings but they are the corpse of the same that are reanimated by some sort of infection or chemical reaction. There has been quite a number of works related to horror featuring these fantasy creatures. There is a popular theory that states at some point of time an infection would be spread across the globe and people would turn into zombies, gradually feeding on people and then some calamity would happen that is known as ‘zombie apocalypse’. Though it is a work of fiction, even scientists have agreed that there are possibilities of such a nightmare to come true. In case such an incident occurs in the near future, what you can do to survive is the best question asked by survivors now a day. Let us explore deep and figure out the ways that can help you to live without been bitten and eaten by the zombies.

Minding the surroundings
In case someday the zombie apocalypse break out on the planet, make sure that you keep your eyes open and mind your surroundings. Keeping the senses open would allow you to know whether there is an escape route nearby or not. It would not only help you to get away from danger as fast as possible, but another chance is that you would be saved for the time being.
Plan a meeting place before the disaster
Making plan ahead of the situation keeps you far ahead than others and that can be the best strategy for surviving the horrifying apocalypse. Make sure that you plan with your friends about the place to meet in case an emergency arises. It would allow you people to meet your closed ones during the time of need without being tensed.
Avoid moving with a large group
When the zombies are chasing you, you need to make quick escape. In addition, to make the escape plan easier you need to make sure that your group is smaller.
Manage to prepare your utility kit before time
Store your kits before the time comes. It would not only save your time but would be helpful when you need it.
Choose to travel to the hills to avoid being killed
Try to climb hills before the zombies chase you. They are very slow and hence, they cannot climb the hills as fast as you can.
Water can save you
According to the folklores, zombies cannot swim and you can clearly take advantage of their weakness. In case they are nearby you, you need to jump into the lake.
Plan your destination before the time demands
Planning ahead of time is an important thing to consider. It would allow you to plan clearly about your destination and hence, your time would be saved by hours.
After reading the article, do not assume anything without experiencing. The fact is that no one has ever seen a zombie and hence, it might not be wise to assume that these surviving skills can save you from a zombie encounter.

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