Struggle Of The Tallest Man In India

A good height makes a man look great. Tall men are always attractive to people but a height can also make a man fall in awkward position. This can sound weird to you but you will understand it if you watch this above link. This video is showing you the life of a common man with an unusual height. The name of the person is Dharmendra Sing who is known as the tallest man in India.
The life of Dharmendra from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh is not a good experience for his unusual height. His present height is 8 feet 1 inches and he is embarrassed at many places for his height. He started to grow tall in an unusual manner from his teenage. His friends used to ridicule him but he had no control on his growing height. His helpless condition made him awkward in many places but he had nothing to do. You will feel sorry for this person who is trapped in his life with his uncommon height among other people.
There is a common belief that women like a person who is tall enough but Dharmendra never got any kind of love or affection from any female friend. He used to be far away from girls in his school and college as he was afraid of talking to them and used to avoid them. He feels like girls won’t like him for his abnormal height and he will be ignored. Even he feels very awkward when he passes by any female anywhere. He thinks that his height won’t match to any girl and none will accept it and love him. However that is the reason for which he never interacts with any female friend. Even he doesn’t have any other male friends too as everyone ridicules him but nobody loves him and understands his problem. After completing his studies he struggled much to get a job, but for his physical unusual appearance he used to be rejected from everywhere. Life became pathetic for him and he used to blame his height for making his life a struggle.
Now time has changed in his life and he has started to earn. If you are thinking that how it became possible then you will be more surprised by knowing that his height makes his earning possible. He uses his weak point to earn money. People take photograph standing beside him in fairs which take places in local areas. He gets money in return of photographs and by this profession he earns 6$ in a day. This emotional video is a lesson to all and every one should watch it carefully.
We should remember that physical appearance is not a thing to measure the quality of a person. We don’t have any control on how we look. But we should study a person with his behavior and capabilities. Another thing should be kept in mind that none should ridicule a person for his uncommon appearance; rather we should help him to lead a normal life like other persons as they have no control on their physical appearances. People should be sympathetic to them and encourage them to have a good life.

This video is also very inspirational as it is showing that Dharmendra did not give up and he got a chance to earn by using his uncommon physical appearance for which he suffered a lot in his previous life. This lonely person has become a freak in his local area now. So if a person is uncommon among other people he should feel blessed for his unusual appearance and he should never lose his confidence.