Seeking Real Peace, Energy and Joy in the Nature and Heart

Nina Sinitskaya is another fascinated artist who has done a lot of artwork related to the nature and human. Last year she created one project called “Merger” which she aimed to show how we can get the complete peace, energy and joy. To get all of these we need to expose ourselves to the nature and try to meditate so that we can taste the natural energy, joy and relax. This project simply implies that the real peace and joy in not in this material world but in the nature in combination with or heart.

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1=Unpublished-by-Nina-Sinitskaya-915x915The story behind the image here:

2=Embrace-by-Nina-SinitskayaThe story behind the image here:
3=Seed-by-Nina-SinitskayaThe story behind the image here:
4=Merger-by-Nina-SinitskayaThe story behind the image here:
5=Merger_Slowdown-by-Nina-SinitskayaThe story behind the image here:

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