Save Money at home with Method Pre Volume Amplifier/Pre Volume Control Panel Audio Amplifier

Hello guys , Now , just want to share some idea that can make you & all friends Save Money at home with method Pre Volume Amplifier/Pre volume control panel Audio amplifier by just make simple step with using electronic componentbellow:

1- Mica 104 -0.1uF=2piece
2-Mica 103- 0.1uF=2piece
3-resistance 2k2 ohm=1
4-resistance 4k7 ohm=1
5-resistance 10k ohm=1
6-volume 50k =3piece
For easy guide or method for you that make easily please
Diagram and Video show about step by step bellow . I hope you can make by yourself & make you feel enjoy with your successful working.

Amplifier Volume controlCircuit 
amplifier volume control circuit -01

Diagram volume control board For All Amplifier
Diagram volume control board

Speaker volume control potentiometer
speaker volume control potentiometer-03

Pre volume control panel Audio

Here Video full method please and follow step by step

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