Remove Screen lock & Remove FRP i-Mobile i-Style 713 _MT6580_V7.0 | ROM i-Mobile i-Style 713 _MT6580 Full Backup by NCKdongle

i-Mobile i-Style 713 MT 6580 V7.0 , today GONOU want to show about how clear Pattern lock , Reset Passcode , Remove screen lock , while device was locked by any security but forgotten so like this you don’t have any choice for get back all data from your phone .
But if you want to using i-Mobile i-Style 713 ,what you can only way is must be Do Hard Reset for clear but your phone device will be Factory Reset .

i-Mobile i-Style 713 device with pattern lock
i-Mobile i-Style 713 device with pattern lock
You can check the method about how to Factory
Hard Reset:
1-Turn off your phone Device or Remove battery out and reinsert.
2-Keep hold volume up & Power key together You’ll see Recommend that :
Select Boot Mode :
VOLUME_UP to select . VOLUME_DOWN is OK..!
(Recovery Mode)
(Fastboot Mode)
(Normal Boot)
3-choose (Recovery Mode) by VOLUME_UP to select and Confirm by VOLUME_DOWN
4-Just waite a mimute and just short press Vol_up & power key together you’ll get Recovery menu.
5-When get recovery Menu will see more optione
-Reboot Systm now
-Apply update from ADB
-Apply update from SD card
-Wide data/factory reset
-Wide cache partition
-Backup user data
-Restore user data
-Root intergrity check
-View recovery logs
-Run graphics test
-Power off
6-Please use Vol_up/Down for scroll
7-choose and select (Wide data/factory reset ) then hit power key for OK , and continue to catch ( Yes–delete all user data ) and confirm by Power waiting..short time & Selecte (Reboot Systm now) then OK , and waiting Proccess complete your is Done 100% you may get enjoy …
Reset or Hard Reset with video tutorial
Note :
this model (i-Mobile i-Style 713)after hard reset or factory reset if device lock with FRP or Google Account , Maybe cannot continue complete for go to mobile home and also phone can not connect with Wifi , so please unlock FRP first go to reuse ur phone .
Here step for unlock RFP ( you unlock Some Dongle as NCKdongle , CM2 Dongle, and any software tools with scatter file for MTK CPU and easy use with SP-Flash TOOLS .

If you firmware ( Scatter file ) i-Mobile i-Style 713 _MT6580_V7.0 full backup by NCK Pro2 Dongle .

Free Download Here i-Mobile i-Style 713 _MT6580_V7.0

Details about File i-Mobile i-Style 713 _MT6580_V7.0 full backup by NCK Pro2 Dongle .
Action : Read Firmware.
Selected 0-By CPU:MT6580
Exe version: NCKDongle AndroidMTK
Reinsert phone battery.
Battery must be charged.
Phone must be off with battery inside.
Please insert USB cable now…
Detected : MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM44)
Boot mode: Preloader
BBCHIP: 6580 0 ca00
Using Algo 1.
Phone detected…Please wait
Sending DA agent, please wait…
BaseBand CPU :MT6580
BaseBand CPU Secure Version : FF
BaseBand CPU Bootloader Version : 01
EMMC: (116Gb+8192Mb) SAMSUNG 0x463832324d42
EMMC FW VERSION: 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
EMMC CID: 150100463832324D42 : 00000000000000
EMMC UA SIZE: 0x3a3e00000
FULL LENGTH: 0x3a4a00000 [14.572 GB]
Detecting high speed port, wait……
If driver not installed, install high speed port driver.
If not need high speed port, disable it.
After repeat opperation.
Detected : MediaTek DA USB VCOM (Android) (COM84)
Build ID: NRD90M
Display ID: I-STYLE_713_V09_20170602
Version: 7.0
Model: i-STYLE 713
Brand: i-mobile
Device: i-STYLE_713
Manufacturer: i-mobile
FRP partition: /dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/11120000.msdc0/by-name/frp
Mediatek Version Release: alps-mp-n0.mp2-V1_hexing6580.we.n_P48
IMEI[1]: 864146034248506
IMEI[2]: 864146034248514
Dumping Preloader.
Start dumping flash, this can take up to 1 hour…….
Start processing proinfo
Reading: BEGIN: 0x80000 – LEN: 0x300000
Start processing nvram
IMEI[1] from NVRAM: 864146034248506
IMEI[2] from NVRAM: 864146034248514
Start processing protect1 ……
Reading: BEGIN: 0x880000 – LEN: 0xa00000
Start processing protect2 ……
Reading: BEGIN: 0x1280000 – LEN: 0xa00000
Start processing lk
Start processing boot
Start processing recovery
Start processing logo ……
Start processing frp ……
Reading: BEGIN: 0x4fa0000 – LEN: 0x100000
Start processing trustzone
Start processing nvdata ……
Reading: BEGIN: 0x5aa0000 – LEN: 0x2000000
Start processing secro secro.img
Reading: BEGIN: 0xa200000 – LEN: 0x600000
Start processing system
Reading: BEGIN: 0xb000000 – LEN: 0xa2800000
Saved to : C:\Users\MR HENG\Desktop\Android_MTK\firmware_backup\MT6580_EMMC_NRD90M__7_0_i-STYLE 713_i-mobile_2019_07_20_16_41)
Wait untill phone will start charging.
[0]All done.

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