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Photography Project that Overcome Karenina Glinoga’s Depression

No matter you are rich or poor you will always have to face depression at some point in your life. These problems can be family, love, finance, study or the loss of somebody or something you love. Then no one can avoid this drawback so we need to find ways to calm our heart. Now let me show you one Pilipino art photographer, Anna Karenina Glinoga whose father died recently because of Cancer and her grandmother inspired her to start this project which reminds all the experiences they have shared together. After reading this post, I hope that you will find your own ways to deal with your depression too.

Source : (by Anna K. / boredpanda )
My unhappy make me become the struggles make my imagination spark creation

Photography reason I always do when I’m not happy or while my deepest feelings towards depression ,so i need Photography has always been my way of expressing .

My grandmother and I began this project to cope up depression after my father died two years ago .

As you see, my grandmother and I have something in common , now we enjoy with our lives .

The project very good mirrors our shared experiences through photographs to others .


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