Nokia 105 and 130 will be Available both Single and Dual SIM with best quality and cheapest price

Phone plays a very crucial role in this civilized world in term of communication for both personal and business purposes.
Which model is your phone holding in your hand right now? Why do you choose to buy that one? Well, there are many kinds of phones available for you but I am going to mention in this post all about the best quality with the cheapest price phone from Nokia.

Nokia is adding two names to special phone roster by declaring a refresh to the Nokia 105 and Nokia 130. These two boys run on the Nokia S30+ platform and they are available in single and dual-SIM flavors and have Snake Xenzia on board.

The price Nokia 105 of the single SIM model will be about $14.5 while the dual-SIM is about $15. The price of Nokia 130 will cost around $21.5.
More info:Gsmarena

Nokia 105


Nokia 130


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