Miniature man is enjoying life with 39 inches height

This is an emotional video where you will find the story of a son and his mother. This is an exceptional story as the son is suffering from Osteodysplastic Primordial Dwarfism, Type II (MOPD II). The name of this 18 years old son is Nick Smith who is only 35 inches tall that means his height is like a child of three years. This is a rare disorder of genetics and very few people on this earth is suffering from this.

The relationship between mother and her son is always special and there is no exception in case of Nick Smith and his mother too. Thankfully, other two brothers of this miniature man are not affected by this disorder. These two brothers known as Levi who is 18 years old and Travis who is 24 years old have a height above average and that is 6ft 5 inches.

People who are suffering from this disorder do not get a long time in life to survive and this is the worst part of this disease. Shelly, mother of Nick is strong enough that she is providing a normal life to her son in spite of knowing that his son does not have a long time to spend with her.

Nick Smith has already gone through an operation when he was suffering from stage one of this disorder after that at the age of 18 again he found to suffer from the stage two of this disease. Another bad effect of this disease i.e. brain aneurysms, is that it can often be life threatening. Strong mother Shelly knows the condition of her son and she wants to provide him all happiness of life like other people, during the rest of the days in his life.
Here you will be able to see some doings of Nick Smith when he is enjoying his life with other people.

The love and affection between the son and mother can be seen in an amazing way here. This video has proved that one should not give up at any point of time. Shelly doesn’t want her son to feel that he is special or he is unlike other people. She cares for him and gives him all the enjoyments he wants to have in life.

Nick is now 20 years old and her mother is fighting with his son’s disease for these long years but she never gives up. You will see Nick with his cute face and a little height leading a normal life with his mother. This miniature man is an inspiration to other people on this earth. Everyone should have a look on this video to see that how Nick is leading his life in an amazing way.


The basic idea that has been portrayed in the video is that physical problems can never prove to be a barrier for anything that we do in our lives. Our physical appearance is just a biological factor that is an inevitable part of our lives. There are a number of people who suffer from various physical disorders, yet they enjoy their short span of life to the fullest without the guilt of not being able to survive further. One should not be depressed by knowing that they cannot live a life as long as others can.

Life is not a limitless time span, which we can live and every-one is mortal. Therefore, when you have a life however it is you should enjoy it to the fullest. This inspirational video can motivate many people to live a life and it can be an inspiration to them.

source : Barcroft TV


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