Man Spends £4,000 tearing holes through his face flesh – a new Guinness Book of World Record

Different people have passions in different things. We all love fashion, but our perception of fashion is different. This is why probably fashion is one of the most creative things in this earth. Fashion is not just all about buying dresses. It also means redefining your body. This is why tattoo is a kind of fashion statement. Tattoo is probably a new fad, but along with it another type of fashion is getting famous and that is body piercing. Unlike tattoo, body piercing finds its traces in historic ages. A lot of ethnic people can still be found today living in the earth, carrying the traditional body piercing art. For example, you can check the people of Massai. They wear different types of ethnic jewelries and they have passion into body piercing.

Normally, we know that women in modern society go for ear piercing. Some women even also go for nose piercing. However, men are not just lagging behind. Men are also getting attracted towards various contemporary jewelries, and thus they are going for ear, chin, nose piercing. With the advent of time, we may see some further development on such fashioning. In fact, women love piercing on more than one place on their ear for wearing different jewelries. Chin piercing has almost become a common practice. Previously, it was thought that hard rock musicians go for such piercing.

But, today, it is more or less a common fashion.
(People can see Mr Miggler’s teeth through his ‘flesh holes’)
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Fashion may lead to freakiness in some cases. How many times you have seen people wearing weird dresses? Well, high fashion sometimes gets weird for normal people. But, for the other it is high level of creativity. Talking about weird piercing, some people have enlisted their names in the Guinness Book of World Records. But, Joey Miggler has taken up this record to a new high.

He has broken all records to become the sole owner of ‘the most number of flesh tunnels’. Yes, not piercing, but flesh tunnels! This is surely weird for some people, but for Miggler, it is a matter of passion. He has done tremendous experiments with his looks.

Miggler has reportedly as big as 34mm holes on his cheeks. Imagine his face! It is not at all funny, and for some people it is a matter of horror for sure. But, this is the passion for fashion that has motivated Miggler to engage with such experiments with his looks. It is true that the flesh holes are for permanent purposes. If he wants he would not be able to get rid of his holes in future. But, he has no worries regarding that. He is just happy with his look and his decision. It is not that he has done this for clinching record on Guinness Book of World. He has done it with his passion for experimenting. Recently, he has been featured in some local medias, and people appreciated him for his passion.


(Mr Miggler’s mum doesn’t approve of his ‘extreme’ cheeks)

In TV channels, he has been found to having fun with the viewers. He talked about his passion and he also shared some amazing stories of his life with the viewers. He is in fact an inspiring character from various aspects. But, above all, his passion and enthusiasm to stand as unique have made him so much vibrant person.

During the TV show, he also showed some tricks to the viewers to entertain them. He can slide a string of strawberry lace from cheek to cheek. You will be astonished to find that how this man have his foods or drinks. You can barely see his tongue and teeth from outside through those holes. Let us wish him all the very best for his future!

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