Make use of the new non invasive procedure to get rid of your double chin

Double chins are probably the first signs of the fact that you are gaining weight and seeing your double chin in the mirror can be really disheartening. However, you would surely jump with joy if you come across someone who says that he or she can get rid of your double chin within only few weeks…isn’t it?
ZELTIQ Aesthetics Inc. is a medical technology company that has recently announced a new addition to their already existing CoolSculting range and they have named the product as the CoolMini Applicator. And this is what can put an end to all your woes and fulfill your chin-less dreams.
This is a sleek looking machine that makes use of a non invasive technology that consistently helps in the reduction of unwanted fats in and around your chins.
Dr. Tracy Mountford who happens to be the Medical Director of the famous Cosmetic Skin Clinic in the city of London has been quoted saying that the CoolMini Applicator is a great innovative machine that helps in the reduction of unwanted fat and that it actually works in doing so.


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Small areas of fat are often the hardest to get rid of. It takes many months of exercising and dieting to get rid of fat from areas like chin etc. This applicator has been specially designed for small areas of fat and hence, offers great results.
If you planning to get treated in this way, you might need one or two treatments in order to get the desired results. However, if you are lucky you may get the results in less than 3 weeks time.
If you think that this cool hi-tech innovation is just a back street product, then you are completely mistaken and it is something much more than that. This product was developed by the scientists of the Harvard University and is based on Cryoliplysis, a propriety science!
This is of course something you would not understand. In simple words, as the fat cells are exposed to extreme cold, they die naturally and are eliminated from the body. This has been used by a few and they claimed that they got optimal results in less than few weeks time.
There are different ways of getting rid of double chin and there are both non invasive and invasive methods. There are exercises that can help get rid of fat from your chin as well.
Double chin looks very unattractive and many people resort to surgeries as well in order to get rid of their double chin. Liposuction is a popular way for the same and it has also been used by millions all across the world and even by many celebrities. It works by breaking down the fat present in your chin and tightening your skin in the process as well.
Flabby tummies and fat arms can be hidden under clothes but double chin is something that cannot be hidden. And you possibly would have to wear balaclavas in order to hide them and that is something that surely would never come into fashion. As mentioned there are exercises that you can try at home to get rid of your double chin. However, inspite of sitting in front of your computer and doing those exercises for months, you would not get the results you are looking for.
Liposuction and face lift options are the other procedures that you can consider. However, these are really expensive and come with side effects. If you are looking for a non invasive method that offers the best results without any side effects, CoolMini Applicator is what you should choose!

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