Magic of love between the tallest man in Brazil and his tinny wife

Physical appearance can never be an obstruction in love. A person with gigantic size can be loved by a woman who has a normal height. This video tells us a romantic love story between two people who has a difference of height of three feet. There is no bar in love in the world. The tallest man from Brazil has fallen in love with a girl who is three feet shorter than him.

Name of this tallest man in Brazil is Joelison Fernandez da Silva and he is 28 years old now. He found love in the eyes of his better half on the first sight as he told in this video. The extra ordinary height of this tallest man was a reason for his embarrassment in his early life. He used to be shy and he couldn’t be social for his gigantic size, his family told in this video. But when he found the girl who was made for him and loved him with his height then life has become easy to him. Their relationship didn’t care about the difference between their heights.

Joelison Fernandez da Silva is 7 feet 8 inches tall and his unusual height was a reason for which he attracts everyone’s surprised eyes. This height is a result of a tumor on his pituitary gland which is removed by an operation and now his growing height is under control. His family told that he used to be embarrassed in various places and even in school. Situation was the worst in school for his height and as a result he was dropped out.

He did not go out of his home as he used to feel awkward among other people for his height. He locked himself in his house for many years and he used to consider himself as abnormal for his unusual height according to his words. But later when he met his girl he got back his confidence and the support and love of his better half made his world beautiful again. The name of the girl who made his life full of love and care is Evem Medeiros. For this 21 years old woman he started to out of his house and found himself as a celebrity among people. He regained his lost faith on himself, thanks to his romantic relationship.

This gentle giant is loved and cared by his wife and the life has become easy to him. Joelison Fernandez da Silva loves his girl and their story was started as love at first sight to each other. Their romantic relationship is showed in this video in a beautiful way and this inspiring love story should be seen. They showed that physical appearances has no value on this earth and if you love someone by heart then no matter how he looks like or what his height is. Their love story can be an inspiration to every lover on this earth.

Source : Barcroft TV

They shared their personal stories and experience the faced to marry each other. They did fun when they shared their experience of meeting Joelison Fernandez da Silva’s father in law and how his surprised eyes stuck on the height of the tallest man. Their happy married life is now blessed by all and they are enjoying their lives full of love. This Brazilian couple has proved that love can do anything and uniqueness in physical appearance should not be a reason of shy. If you want to see this amazing couple sharing their personal experiences and moments of lives then click on the above link.

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