Lisa Snowdon: A noble heart

We all know Lisa Snowdon as one of the most popular British model of today’s date. She is also popularly known to be a Philanthropist. Lisa hosts a show called Capital FM breakfast show and she is raising money for Breast Cancer Care for some time with the help of QVC who are known to be a giant in Television shopping.
The shopping channel organized their annual fund raising show on Friday and we can say the show was a huge success as it raised a whooping £290,000. If you calculate it on a per hour basis then it goes close to £100,000 per hour.
The show was a three long hour extravaganza and we saw Lisa who is 43 years old was selling her cause with the aid of another TV presenter. She was requesting people to donate through the free phone line or asking people to buy goodies from the BCC collection.
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Lisa tried her heart out make the show successful. She included various items in her list so that she caters to a wide range of callers. The limited edition Breast Cancer Care charm bracelet was one of the main selling items. Lisa herself is the ambassador of this item and apart from her a Butler, Wilson Heart, Bow Brooch they all promoted the item. spoke to Professor Mohammed Keshtgar who is known for his cookbook on Breast Cancer and he mentioned in his book that Breast Cancer can be stopped.
70% of the profit from the sales will go to charity. Lisa, who is a Breast Cancer Ambassador for well over last 10 years is also known to be a reputed designer for QVC jewellery.
Just before the show Lisa said she is a passionate supporter of Breast cancer Care and she is very delighted to be a part of the fundraising. She also said she is pretty keen to spread awareness through this fantastic show. She also added the possibility of winning some incredible prize for supporting this cause.
The total amount raised by QVC till date for this cause is £5.3 million after they started this campaign in the year 1999. The VP of Brand & Communication at QVC, Sue Lesson said that their brand is a long and avid supporter of this noble work that they do. She also said that this show is very close to her heart and she is wishing the show all the very best.
It was 16th Annual Fundraising event which took place on October 2nd. The viewers of the show were thoroughly entertained through various modes like special guest appearance from Lulu and Michelle Mone. There was a live performance from Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Jack Pack. The show got closed with a live performance from “Mack the Knife”. Interested people can still donate for this cause by either dialing the hotline number or texting “CARE” to 70300.All the donation and 70% of all sales will go to this charity directly.
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In the head office of the charity Lisa also said that both her grandmother and her aunt was victims of Breast Cancer and she knows the importance of Breast cancer care..She also said that the very news of suffering from Breast Cancer can devastate someone from inside. People normally have many questions when they diagnosed with Breast cancer and this is where Breast Cancer Care comes into play. She expressed her gratitude towards the foundation for standing by the victims. It is also known as “Project Pink” by QVC and it is their “Charity of the year” since 2009 and it has indeed affected many of the victim’s life.
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