How to make Stereo Amplifier 2019 & Circuit iC TA7233

Hello welconback! here i want to show you some abouthow to make Amplifier using iC TA7233P or TA7283P , Stereo Amplifier it new idea for you 2019 real good sound out with best 100% method easy make at home.

TA 7233 or TA7233
-Dual Audio Power Amplifier
-TA 7233p is a dual amplifier for consumer aplications . It’s suitable for power amplifier of portable Radio Cassette and Stereo Resievers ….etc.
Thermal shut down protector ,Audio muting funtion.
-Operating Voltage 6 to 12V .
-Load Resistance 4 Ohm
-Peak Output Current 4.5A
Power dissipation 25w
Look Components

-Heat sink with iC TA 7233P
-capacitor 1000uf 35v
-capacitor 100uf 16v x5
-resistor 220 ohm x 2
-Headphone Jack 3 Pole
– Wire
-battery 12v

Here start making…..
-Leg 5 & 6 of ic7233 is GND
-Connecte capacitor 100/16 with Leg 1 to Leg 2 of iC TA7233P
-Leg 2 of iC out to SP
-Connecte capacitor 100/16 with Leg 3 of iC to GND
-Connecte Resistor 220 onhm Leg 4 of IC with -capacitor 100/16 to GND
-Connecte Leg 5 for Audio in..
-Leg 6 is GND
-Connecte Leg 7 for Audio in too.
-Connecte Resistor 220 onhm Leg 8 of IC with capacitor 100/16 to GND
-Connecte capacitor 100/16 with Leg 10 to Leg 11(+) of iC TA7233P
-Leg 10 of iC out to SP also
-Leg 12 of Ic TA7233P , connecte with Wire 12v+ DC
-And connecte Wire 12V- DC with GND
-Connecte Capacitor 1000uF/35V to Leg12 and GND of Ic TA7233 ( leg + of capacitor with leg
12 of iC )

Here full Tutoril

-Now circuitIc TA7233 Done , Let’s Start testing…
-Now test connecte SP with leg 10 of Ic
-Best stereo amplifiers 2019 by BDM007 youtube Channel & Gonou.Net
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