How A Magpie Saves a Dying Cat

This is a story of a family and a bird which is called Magpie. Jane lives Melbourne, Australia with her 7-year-old daughter Izzy. She was interested in taking photo of the nature and used red bubble of any designs. Meggie first came to her life when she thought she was about to lose her adorable cat that 18 years old, Sakia because the cat has a serious problem with her thyroid cancer and it soon stooped eating and drinking. But she realized that followed her around the yard. It looked like he wanted to be friend with her and then people told her to throw mince balls to it and this would tame her too. Then started to throw mince balls in the yard and her cat followed her and started to eat the mince balls too. This is miracle, she says.

Source : Facebook / boredpanda






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