Half ton man is unable to control his desire for having food

We all like to eat various dishes according to our personal choices and some of us are even crazy about those dishes. But you will be shocked when you will see a presentation by Bodyshock about a man who is having the weight of seventy six tons. He was trapped in his home for 7 long years and then he was taken to hospital where he is being treated now. You won’t believe that this person is having a weight of five baby elephants. His body is full of fluids and the name of this person is Patrick Deuel who is famous as half ton man for his unusual weight.

His weight is above average since his childhood as his parents said in this video. When he was four years old he weighed six tons and he was healthy as well. He also used to eat a healthy diet and he liked to eat. You will be surprised to know that Patrick has an unusual desire to eat food as he can eat as much as he wants whatever the quantity is. This half ton man is now in hospital and treatment is going on with him to give him a normal life but doctors and practitioners are surprised by seeing his abnormal urge for having food. He never feels like he is full and he can’t eat more.

Now, in this video, you can see that doctors are working on him to help him out of this abnormal weight. This video is showing how he is being trained by trainers to lose weight. He is doing various exercises and enjoying the life. His wife described him as a fun loving and intelligent person and the relationship between both of them is too good. Patrick worked hard and reduced half of his weight at the hospital within four months. But doctors and practitioners could not trust Patrick’s desire for food and his control. They were afraid that if they release Patrick he would be back on his weight. He was told that the only chance of his survival was to control his diet and reduce his weight but still he tried to break the given diet rule. Then doctor had no other choice but to operate his stomach and reduce the size of it by sealing a particular portion. This operation is known as Gastric Bypass Surgery in medical terms. This operation helps him to take control of taking food and now he can’t eat more than a particular quantity of food. Doctors told Patrick Deuel that even after his operation if he doesn’t control the quantity of in taking calories it will be harmful to him as it may cause other organs to be inactive and he was given a strict rule on diet. Snacks and high calories should be far away from him. His wife told in this video that she used to fulfill all her husband’s wishes and whatever he wanted to eat but when he became a seventy six tons weighing man, his wife realized that what she did in love for her husband was bad for him. Researchers did a research to know the reason of people’s apatite and they concluded that a particular gen is responsible for this, in 1995.
Patrick Deuel is not one in this world who has an uncontrolled desire for having food and gaining calories. There was another lady who was heavier than Patrick with the weight of 85 tons and she is known as the heaviest person on earth in history and her name is Rosalie Bradford.


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