Fight With The Facial Disorder With The Help Of Charity

History of the world is full of wars which are affecting people even today. It is very sad to know that the wars are affecting children who are taking birth today and even don’t know any word of those conflicts. Vietnam is a country where disfigurement in children can be seen mostly. Scientists have researched on this disfigurement of children and they conclude that this is nothing but an after effect of a chemical reaction which was introduced during war. Children are always precious to their parents and it is really sad if they take birth with a disfigurement and can’t lead a life like other common people on earth. But now medical science is improving and they have already overcome various life threatening diseases. But the number of children who are taking birth today especially in Vietnam is still the highest in the world. These painful lives of children are really very hard. This video will show you some facial disfigurements of children in Vietnam. The chemical which is responsible for this disfigurement of children is Agent Orange as told by the scientists. Though medical science has modernized still the treatment of this facial disorder is still a mystery among doctors and medical science.
The worst part is that a large number of children with these kind of facial disfigurement stay in poor villages where they have no scope of modern medical treatment or surgery and they are not even capable to spend enough money on their children for required treatment. To help these children a charity was formed in Vietnam by Martin Hirigoyen Kelly and Norman Waterhouse in 2003. They were renowned plastic surgeons in Westminster Hospital and they had started to work on those children who have facial disfigurement. But they did not have a required fund and equipment for the surgery of those children and so that they decided to take children to the UK for their operation. They got help from Sarah Driver-Jowitt and they hired him to operate the patients of facial disfigurement and in 2004 they have opened an office nearby London hospitals where the maximum numbers of surgeries have started to take place.
The treatment of the poor children with severe facial disorder is provided by this charity. They also help the children to come out of depression, trauma or psychological disorder which come among them as a result of community stigma. They council them and they give them back their lost confidence and encourage them to lead a normal life. The patients and their families are assisted by the people of their mother land and that is why they feel comfortable to communicate with them and it can be understood whether the surgery is needed to the patient or not. If any other kind of special treatment is needed for them that also can be explained by those assistants of the charity. If there is a need to operate the patient then they arrange to take him or her to London by flight. And this charity depends on the fund and the donation of the medical team. They provide the cost which depending on their fund, to the patient and one member from their family as guardian.

This above link is helpful if any of you know a person who is suffering from facial disorder and if you want to know elaborately about the treatment and the sufferings of the children who are born with these defects. Vietnam is a country where the number of children with these defects is the highest but there are many other countries all over the world where you may find children suffering from the same disorder.