Eating enough Fibre in our diet is the key to good Health

To stay healthy we need to eat the foods that contain more fibre that those that is rich in added sugar which will lead to obesity. Consuming a lot of fibre can help prevent us from the risk of such serious diseases as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer.

An official publication of the guideline from the government in July 2015 states that fibre intake should be increased to 30g a day in the people’s diet. As we have found out that most adult consume the fibre in average of about 18g a day and this is the real problem that we are trying to find new possible ways to increase their fibre intake.

Here is the amount of fibre that people need according to their ages: 2-5 year-old: 15g of fibre a day, 5-11 year-old : 20g,11-16 year-old : 25g per day.

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