Easy ways to a wrinkle free skin

All women want to feel attractive and beautiful. No matter what age. One of the worst problems that affect a woman as she grows older is wrinkles. It is the worst enemy to a woman’s skin. It tends to make the women appear older and quite unattractive. Wrinkles tend to have an emotional effect on a woman too. A woman loses her self-confidence and can even develop a strong sense of insecurity due to wrinkles. This may lead to several complications in the woman’s life. The problem of wrinkles can be postponed and even solved. Wrinkles occur as a result of dry skin normally. Addressing that problem solves a lot of troubles. Though some feel wrinkles is a natural process of aging it very important to delay it as much as possible and make it less severe. Here are a few ideas for preventing too many wrinkles. These Ideas if implementing properly and regularly can give a woman some long lasting effects that reduce her wrinkles.

1. The first and the most obvious step is to avoid as much as possible going out in the sun,. The sun tends to dry out skin and causes more wrinkles. So it is always better to avoid sun as much as possible. However much a tan looks good on you now even the tanning is not worth the wrinkles later in life.
2. Natural things like tomatoes, Pineapples and green tea can be applied to improve wrinkles and reduce them. Chemicals can cause adverse effects in the long run. Going all natural to treat your skin is the best way.
3. The benefits of eating fresh fruits are endless. If you needed one more reason added to it is that fruits containing vitamin C is extremely good for your skin as it keeps skin tight. So fruits like strawberry and guava are extremely effective in controlling wrinkles. So pile up juicy strawberries to stay wrinkle free.
4. Smoking causes cancer that is all you know as bad effects of smoking. DO you know smoking tends to ruin your entire appearance? It shirks your tissues causing your skin to have a lot of wrinkles. It is vital that you quit smoking to look good. Besides health effects staying wrinkle free can be quite an added advantage of quitting smoking.
5. Sleeping the right number of hours a day is also a major contributing factor to the suppleness and softness of skin. Though sleep is mostly important to function effectively a proper sleep is the reason for good skin also. To stay wrinkle free we need at last 7 to 8 hours of sleep. It gives the skin time to open up pores and also resting reduces wrinkles.
6. Squinting and screwing up your face may also cause wrinkles. Squinting and constant facial movement makes the skin loose and saggy which results in wrinkles. If you have troubles with eyesight that leads to the squinting get checked out by a proper doctor and get his advice. If you have to wear glasses or lens do it. It is never too early to take proper care of your eyes. It also sakes your skin.
7. It is not good to have too little or too much sugar. Both can cause wrinkles. Regulate the amount of sugar that you take in your intake on a daily basis. Natural sugar is found in fruits like cranberries, apples and cherries which is always better than all the processed sugar related food. So better eat them in moderation to reduce wrinkles.
8. It is important to maintain an ideal weight than to be very thin. If you go on a crash diet and lose a lot of weight your skin gets saggy and loose which leads to more wrinkles at a early age. So always stay in an ideal weight and tone up your body with exercise rather than a diet.
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