Bra Problems That Women Face

The worst thing about being a woman is of course wearing a bra almost 24×7 and this is one thing that all women would agree in unison. All women face multiple problems when it comes to wearing their bra and it is not easy to get rid of them. Some women feel happy to find a bra that fits the perfect only to find out later that the cut is too deep leading to display of their cleavages. While some bras have protruding underwire, others do not last for a very long time as far as the fitting is concerned. It is nearly impossible to get yourself a new pair of bra by going out in case of some emergency.
Here are few quick home remedies that you can help you to get out of any emergency relating to your bra:
#Wish you had a racer back bra?
All you need is a paper clip and you can turn your regular bra into a racer back one. Just use the paper clip to clip the straps of your bra at the back to transform it into a racer back one.
# Is your underwire sticking out?
This is a common problem that loads of women face. If it feels that parts of your bra are made from barbed wire and you are consistently get poked, then follow this easy remedy.
Get hold of pantiliner and a pair scissors. Cut a small size from the pantiliner and wrap it around the portions that are poking you and it would seem that you are wearing the most comfortable bra on earth.This might also happen if you are not wearing the right size as the underwire is there to support your twins and if the underwire is hurting you, it might be because you are in need of a larger cup size – a cup that has enough width to support your entire breast.
# How a convertible strap can hold up your strapless bra?
Take the strap and by keeping one side of the strap hooked in, bring it around your front and then hook it on to the other side. This is a simple process and with this you save yourself from any unnecessary drama!
#Make use of silicon pads to get relief from pain
You can make use of silicon pads to get relief from the pain caused by the bra straps on your shoulders. Take one of the gel pads and slide it under your bra strap over your shoulder and repeat the procedure with the other strap as well. You would not feel any pain after this!
#What to do with your sports bra after working out?
This is something that is really important and make sure that you do it after each of your working out sessions. Take your sports bra along with you to the shower and hand wash it. This is the best way to make your sports bra last longer.
#Make use of a salad spinner to dry your bras
This might sound a bit weird to you but this is the best way to preserve your bras and make them last long.
#Make sure that your bra fits your right
And you can do by making use of your hands. If your bra is too big, your entire fist would fit easily inside your strap. Two fingers is okay!
#Cleavage Problem
This can be solved easily and all you need is a camisole insert to cover your cleavage.
Hang your bra on a hanger to save space and maintain their shape and make use of wooden hangers.

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