Best Amplier 50W using Transistor B688 and C2655

Hell , I’m happy share to all friends about how make Best Amplier 50W using Transistor B688 and C2655 at home that come with cheap spend but you can get Good Amplier and Good Sound please enjoy and make a test by yourself and follow my step .
Electronic Parts:
-Transistors B688 x 4 (pnp)
– Transistors C2655 x 1 (npn)
-Aluminum heat sink x 1
-33 Ohm Resistors x 4
-47K / 1W Resistors x 1
-470 uf to 1000uf25v Capacitors x 1
-3.5mm audio jack cord x 1
-Batery 12v DC

Real Circuit Amplier make you easy info
Tutorial step how to set:
1-Connect Resistors 33ohm with Leg B of Transistor B688
2-c2655 transistor (npn)
3-Connect Leg E of C2655 with Leg C of B688
4-Connect Leg C of C2655 with Resistor 33 ohm to Deg C of B688
5-Connect Resistors 47K with B leg of C2655 and Leg 470uf / 25v Capacitor
6-Connect 470uf /25v Capacitor Leg + wth Leg B of B688
6-Connect audio jack wire + with 25v Capacitor Leg –
Connect audio jack wire – with Leg C of B688
7-Connect wire VCC – with Leg C of B688
Connect wire with Leg E of B688 to SP
8-Connect wire VCC + with SP to Baterry (12V DC)
Now Circuit ready
Start Testing……………..

Here video can make you clear with step for make Amplier

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