Beauty Secrets For Teen Girls

Teenage years are probably the most stressful period of any girls or even guys life. It is particularly harder for girls as besides from her body going through a lot of changes and hormonal difficulties it is the time when she is actually developing into women. Her looks and appearance become more important than ever to her and the girls are often faced with peer pressure to look good. It is also the time when a girl starts noticing guys and vice versa. All these factors make her appearance and attractiveness more key points in her life. A teenage girl is often said to spend more time dressing her up and getting ready than the time she puts towards her studies and spending time with her family. So looking a beautiful girl is very important to her. However the trouble is most teenage girls don’t know what is good for them. They do not know what suits them and what does not. She does not know How to apply make-up or any of those beauty tips. She needs to be having proper guidance to look good, If not teenage girls’ ends up looking quite unattractive due to bad make-up and unsuitable fashion choices. The importance of proper make-up is undisputable to a good look. Here are 8 beauty secrets every teenage girl should know in order to look attractive and beautiful.

1.Acne is a common problem facing teenage girls. Most of these girls cover it with a foundation which is quite a mistake. Foundation tends to dim the natural glow of a person. A person in her teens will have quite a natural glow. Teenage girls can use concealer to cover up a bad case of acne and then apply moisturizer. The concealer and moisturizer or powder ensures that your natural glow is still intact.

2.Concealer should be properly applied. Rubbing the concealer on your skin will diminish the natural glow. It is always better to take a little bit of concealer in one finger and apply it gently throughout the face. Never use all fingers to apply concealer to the face.

3.It is always better to be careful with makeup around eyes and lips. It is never good to make both of them very bright. If you are going for a bright eye makeup with heavy eye shadows it is always better to apply a light lip gloss to enhance the effect. Never make bright lips pair with heavy eyes the overall effect can turn quite drag queen-ish.

4.Nothing is better than natural hair. People may feel blonde hair is hotter or getting pink streaks is better however there is nothing as good as natural hair. Also all these do at home dyes is never a good idea. It is better if you want to dye your hair to consult a proper stylist to do so.

5.To getting smooth and soft lips Vaseline is the key. Apply Vaseline to the lips and gently brush the lips with a tooth brush. This will make the lips smother. It is also very effective in keeping lips from during up during winter.

6.Acne trouble is something that is affecting a lot of teens. To identify the root cause it is always better to consult a dermatologist at the earliest. The earlier you address the problem the easier it is to treat and get rid of. Also it is always better to get their help in choosing the right products for your skin as it is quite a sensitive organ.

7.Always spend on good quality products. It never is a waste to spend on such beauty products that do not affect your skin. Cheap beauty products tend to do so. So choose and spend wisely.

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