Albert Killian And More Cobras , He Looks Amazingly

If we say about snake or cobra , there are many people , are scaring about and also many people who was dies by them . But , Albert Killian began removing snakes from his neighbour’s yard when he was just about ten-year -old and has loved the animals ever since. He love to make friend with cobra ,even if he has been bitten by snake more than 100 times while during 60-year old ago it’s amazingly for him . He care and keeps three indian Cobra , forest snake and more than 28 Egyptian Cobra, including vipers and Rattle snakes.His purpose to want to quote Maxwell understands the snake’s venom to bring recycling to be a healer​ Or drugs​​ . More detail By Video below please watch! ;

Anage & Video byBarcroft TV

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