A realistic breakup

Love is often called a universal language. The world cannot survive without it. It is a thread that binds us all together and keeps us sane. If there was no love in the world the human race would have long been extinguished from this earth. Love is always said to be quite a purest emotion. All of us experience it in our lives at some point or another. Usually though when we refer to a love story it is typically between a man and a women. That is the kind of love story that has so many dimensions to it. Every love story is unique and different from each other. The people involved and the emotions that they convey are very distinct and characteristic to them. Though the common element involved between all of them is love. That is the reason the pain or the joy associated with being in a relationship is felt by everyone who is associated with it.
Any relationship between a man and a woman has its very own ups and downs. The most painful thing in a relationship is when someone is fully committed to it and senses nothing wrong with it while other person is slowly withdrawing from it. This buzzfeed video of a breakup is so painful and realistic that it evokes some raw emotions in us. The video is titled break up sex, however it is very little about the sex but the entire relationship and the characters involved in it. The story is pretty straight forward, a women leaves her office early to come home to decorate the house that the couple share together for their anniversary. She has cakes balloons and even picks out a new dress for the occasion so that everything is perfect; she comes in while her boyfriend is showering. She decorates her house and sees a envelope addressed to her. She thinks it is a anniversary card and continues decorating, but seeing her boyfriend is taking time in shower she opens the envelope for a quick peek. She is shattered to find that it is a break up note which says “I am leaving, I am sorry, don’t hate me”. She quickly closes it and vents out her frustration by popping a balloon just as her boyfriend walks out of the shower. She pretends everything is normal and wishes him happy anniversary and even tells him that she does not mind he forgot. He is surprised that she does not mind as she got upset when he forgot her birthday. She tells him she was insecure then as it was early stages of their relationship and thought he wanted to break up with her. She asks him if he did want to break up with her what would the reason be. They each list out each other’s faults and he tells her that she is too sweet and she tells him he is afraid of confrontation and facing up to problems. They however go back to normal and instead of having dinner she suggests sex. She sneaks out from the bed after they have sex while he is sleeping and leaves him the very same note and leaves the house. He finds is and sits wondering.

This is one of the most beautiful and realistic portrayal of modern relationships. The characters are very well etched for a short film and we feel like we know these people and understand what they are feeling. The guy’s character is sure to strike a chord with everyone who is afraid of talking out their problems and choose to run away. The girl somewhat tragically is too naïve and sweet she however seems to grow up by the end of this all.

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