A cat that Dictate Einstein Habit of Sticking Tongue Out

         What is your habit of doing thing in your life? Is it twisting eyebrow when talking to somebody or nodding head? Well, different people have their own unique habits of doing thing. It means that they don’t intentionally do it but it just automatic. Do you know Albert Einstein? Have you ever seen one of his photos sticking his tongue out? Well, if you have not you don’t need to spend time looking for it. Now let see the following photos of a cat whose name is Melissa. Her habit is sticking tongue out almost all the time. If you have any comment about this cat, please feel free to leave it in the comment box below.

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The cat quirky expressions have also led to a devoted Instagram following – it has about 20,000 followers on the social media network
Melissa, who is also known as the Einstein cat by her thousands of Instagram followers, has a degenerative bone disorder. Here she is pictured with her owner Alina Esther
Melissa lies in a cage with a medical shield after she was diagnosed with the bone condition, called Osteochondrodysplasia
The pet is also known as ‘Einstein cat’ for photographs of her looking similar to a famous photo of Einstein sticking out his tongue
Melissa, a Scottish Fold cat, poses with a look of alarm on her face next to an engagement ring and wedding proposal






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