A 3D Printing Hand Gives Hope to a Pitiful Isabella Again

Can you imagine how hard it is to live a daily life if you miss some parts of your body like arms or legs? Obviously, it not easy at all and what is worse than that is the feeling also is attacked which means that this condition will make you metal hurt too. You are lucky if you were born with enough body parts and you should not look down or discriminate those who are not as fortunate as you are. Isabella was born with an up normal hand that makes her forearm shorter than the other and that cause a lot of difficulties for her daily life at she is going to attend school soon. Her mother is actually sad and pitiful. But she doesn’t give up she needs to do something in order to give hope to her pitiful daughter and she finally finds online company that can create a 3D printing hand for her daughter and now Isabella is far more happier.

More info : boredpanda    by Elizabeth Griffin-Isabelle



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